Oregon Rabies Cases in 2016

posted: by: Emilio DeBess DVM, MPH - State Public Health Veterinarian Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Do you think rabies is a thing of the past? Think again! Here are the confirmed cases of rabies in the state of Oregon so far in 2016:

The last case of rabies occurred in a bat from Clackamas County. The bat was in contact with a 3.5 month old dog, not vaccinated for rabies. The dog was vaccinated for rabies and put on strict quarantine for 4 months as per Compendium for Animal Rabies.
As a reminder, according to the Oregon Administrative Rules:
Pet Licensing, Animal Bites, and Rabies   333-019-0017   Rabies Vaccination for Animals:
(1)   Except where specifically exempt, all dogs at least three months old shall be immunized against rabies by the age of six months.

An algorithm of animal to animal bites is available here.

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